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Marlon Wayne, Co-Founder & Lead Designer

Marlon is the man with the plan. Not only does he envision the future of Impulse, he also draws up the designs for the app. He's the GOAT.


Lei Xiang, UX/UI Designer

Lei works seamlessly with Marlon to make Impulse look stunning. She brings a unique approach to her design to challange the way we see Impulse.

Matt Blessed, Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Matt is his name. Code is his game. The most blessed, tech-savey man in history prefers to speak in backend jargon. #Blessed 


Marty Ferguson, Community Manager

Marty is the voice of Impulse. You can catch him hanging on our Twitter and Instagram. Give us a follow! He also manages our blog.

Alex Siminoff, Head of Marketing

Alex is a Digital Marketer and Growth Hacker. He utilizes data and analytics to grow Impulse through multiple channels. He works with Marty to grow Impulse.

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