surveys are boring

customers often don't engage with surveys and when they do, they are abandoning them before finishing 🙈

how to make a good survey

(pro tip: skip this section)
keep it short
offer an incentive
mobile friendly
be visual
timing is key
closed ended questions

...or just use impulse

feedback reinvented

our highly visual mobile app brings the audience to you

how does it work?

your company offers product as an incentive

our users gain an entry for each question they answer

you add as many questions as you want -- through the week

you just got a ton of feedback from gen z + millennials

what does it cost?

during our ✈️ program, partners only put up cost of product and they can ask as many questions as they want

want to do an impulse survey?

reach out to us at and let's talk about how you can start getting better feedback